EC Harris distributed total reward statements before its flex re-brand

Property consultancy EC Harris distributed total reward statements to its 1,600 UK employees before it re-branded its flexible benefits scheme in July 2005.

The statements helped it to communicate scheme changes and minimise the chances of take-up rates being low.
The statements were also deemed to be far more effective in communicating and preparing staff for the re-brand than simply sending out a letter to all employees.

Joanne Wotton, reward manager, says: “We wanted to be able to explain to employees what changes had been made to the scheme, and total reward statements helped us communicate the re-brand.”

One useful side effect of issuing total reward statements before the launch of the re-branded flex scheme was that it allowed the organisation to check all the employee data held was accurate. “This was not our primary aim of sending out the statements but it was handy,” admits Wotton.

Currently, 86% of EC Harris’ employees actively participate in its flexible benefits plan.