Concern over car phone use

More than two-thirds (70%) of business drivers still admit to making calls while on the road, despite the extension of the Road Safety Act 2006 in February, which increased the penalty for those caught using a mobile phone while driving.

Perhaps more alarmingly 7% of business drivers still refuse to use a hands-free kit while driving, according to the Arval Forecourt survey 2007. Fleet managers also face other potential health and safety issues. Almost 30% of business drivers, for example, admit to not having had their eyes tested in the past two years.

A third of business drivers admit to not checking their tyres regularly, with 11% of these never doing so at all. On a more encouraging note, 36% check their tyres at least monthly, and 18% do so once a quarter.

What are employees’ driving habits?
Still make calls while driving 70%
Choose where to refuel based on convenience 63%
Check their tyres at least monthly 36%
Haven’t had an eye test in two years 30%
Choose where to refuel based on price per litre 15%
Never checked condition of tyres 11%
Won’t use hands-free kit 7%
Source: Arval