Barclays’ employee appreciates help in giving to charity

Debbie Phillips, corporate affairs manager, has worked for Barclays for 20 years.

She contributes £30 a month through the company’s payroll giving scheme, which, after tax relief and Barclays’ matched funding, equates to £1,200 a year.

“It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time but it took me a while to sign up. I’ve always dropped a coin in a bucket, but this makes so much sense,” she explains.

Phillips contributes to a charity account rather than to a specific charity, which enables her to divide her money between causes. It also means that she can make larger donations when sponsoring family and friends for events. “It enables me to be much more generous,” she says.

Phillips also takes advantage of Barclays’ matched fundraising scheme, and does a lot to raise money for her niece’s school.