Pensions and employment simplification on Brown’s agenda

Gordon Brown’s new agenda for the Labour Party will include an employment simplification bill and a pensions bill.

The prime minister has reiterated intentions to proceed with the government’s plans to create a pensions bill which will provide low-cost personal accounts with mandatory contributions from employers. As a result, employers will be compelled to offer and contribute to staff pension plans.

Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive at Which?, said: “It is very encouraging to see a commitment to a long-term solution to the pension crisis from Gordon Brown’s government.

“A low-cost consumer-focussed personal accounts scheme will enable hundreds of thousands of people who wouldn’t previously have had access to long term savings to feel more secure in their retirement.”

An employment simplification bill is also in the pipeline which is intended to deliver simpler and fairer enforcement of the national minimum wage and aims to simplify build a stronger enforcement regime for key aspects of employment law.

In addition, a planned education and skills bill will incorporate duties on employers to release young people for education or training.