Norwich Union boosts payroll giving take-up

Norwich%20UnionNorwich Union has increased the number of its employees registered in its payroll giving scheme by 32% since May.

A week-long campaign across Norwich Union offices in the UK in May resulted in 413 new donors, supporting 500 charities. The total number of employees involved has now risen from 1,287 to 1,700, a 32% increase.

All 30,000 UK employees were targeted with road shows at all major offices during the week and ongoing regular intranet advertisements.

Debbie Bullock, corporate social responsibility consultant at Norwich Union, said: “I’m delighted with the great increase in employees who are now registered in the payroll giving scheme. Norwich Union as a company aims to support the local community through both charitable and environmental activities, and it is encouraging to see that employees are also keen to get involved in this charitable giving.”

Donations are deducted from the employee’s payroll before tax, so that for each £1.00 they give, it only costs the employee 78p, and for higher-rate tax payers, 60p. The money collected from the scheme is distributed among a number of charitable organisations.