HSBC to create employee climate champions

HSBC is to create 2,500 employee climate champions as part of its five-year climate partnership.

The bank’s employees will play a key role in the HSBC’s five-year, US$100m partnership created in response to  worldwide climate change.

Online learning facilities, which will educate staff about climate change, are currently under development and will be made available to all 315,000 employees.

Office and community projects around climate change will also take place, for which 25,000 employees are expected to volunteer. The top 3% of these, which equates to approximately 2,500 employees, will become climate champions.

These worldwide climate champions will undertake field research and bring back valuable knowledge and experience to their communities.

HSBC group chairman Stephen Green, said: “The HSBC Climate Partnership will achieve something profoundly important. By working with four of the world’s most respected environmental organisations and creating a ‘green taskforce’ of thousands of HSBC employees worldwide, we believe we can tackle the causes and impact of climate change.”

HSBC’s climate partnership includes The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and WWF.