Gazelle Travel launches healthcare cash plan

Gazelle Travel has introduced a healthcare cash plan for its 18 Bradford-based employees.

The Yorkshire corporate flight and travel centre’s 18 staff members based at Bradford are now covered by a plan provided by Sovereign Health Care, which aims to help employers recruit and retain staff and manage absence.

The plan provides cash benefits for staff including money back on optical, dental and other healthcare associated bills, for a monthly fee. Staff have free access to confidential specialist advice on financial, legal, relationships; family care, work and medical issues.

Jamil Malik, group director of Gazelle Travel, said: “Of particular interest to us was the optical cover offered. Our staff spend a lot of time at their computer screens, so we are keen to look after their eyesight and meet Duty of Care and Health Safety regulations by ensuring they have their eyes tested regularly.”

The company plans to extend the cover to its 22 other employees based in Newcastle, Glasgow and Durham.