Carpet firm tactic not woolly

Allied Carpets is revamping its healthcare benefits to encourage staff to stick with the firm for five years.

All 2,000 staff at the carpet firm will be able to sign up for a healthcare cash plan at a discounted rate, but 700 long serving staff will have their healthcare subsidised.

Ellisabetta Viligiarei, HR manager, said: "We find a lot of staff stay with us for between two and five years. If they stay for five they end up staying for a considerable period of time."

"We are reviewing all the benefits that we are offering in the company, particularly tying in benefits related to length of service to reward people for their service with us."

In April, the firm also extended its holiday allowance for staff that stay with the firm for certain periods of time. Allied Carpets also is launching an employee assistance programme in August, which all workers will be eligible for.helath