Meditation bus helps London-based staff unwind during commute


Something for the weekend: With tube and train strikes this week wreaking havoc for London commuters, employees have been arriving at work stressed, frustrated and tired before even opening their emails. Sports clothing organisation Lululemon on the other hand has been seeking to restore the employee wellbeing balance by converting a double-decker bus into a meditation studio and providing a peaceful commute for London-based staff.

The ‘Meditation Om the Move’ bus, which will run until Sunday 15 January 2017, is offering complimentary meditation classes with Lululemon’s local and global ambassadors during either a morning, lunchtime or evening commute.

Frazzled commuters are given noise-blocking headphones to help them unwind on the journey, as they take in the calm environment of the bus complete with aromatherapy oils, healthy snacks and juices.

Marking the opening of Lululemon’s new Regent Street shop, the ‘Meditation Om the Move’ bus has been designed to support Londoners in having a restful daily commute to boost their wellbeing.

Here at Employee Benefits, we’d love to give this blissful commute a try, especially as our London office is based near the ever-hectic Oxford Street…