EXCLUSIVE: The Searchologist to discuss transparency and talent at Employee Benefits Connect 2017

Katrina Collier

EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Collier, social recruiting expert at The Searchologist, will discuss the role of transparency in talent attraction and retention strategies at Employee Benefits Connect 2017.

Collier (pictured) will lead a session titled ‘Talent in the world of transparency’ as part of the talent management conference stream on Wednesday 1 March 2017.

In her session, Collier will highlight the impact of technology on both recruitment and retention, discussing how review sites such as Glassdoor are allowing current, past and potential employees to review employers, influencing organisational reputation.

Collier will demonstrate why this transparency is positive for employers, as well as how organisations can leverage this openness to help retain current staff, ensure existing staff leave on good terms, and attract new employees.

Collier said: “I’ll be talking about how the door’s been thrown wide open and why that’s a good thing. And then what people can do, quite simply and cost-effectively to take advantage of that.”

“It’s fantastic that [employers are] looking after employees but that needs to be transparent. It needs to be spoken about, people need to be showing it, genuinely showing it out into the world.”

Employee Benefits Connect 2017 will take place on Wednesday 1 March 2017 at Park Plaza, London.

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