EXCLUSIVE: Gain insight into data analytics at Employee Benefits Connect 2017


EXCLUSIVE: Capita Employee Benefits will discuss the use of data analytics in employee benefits design at Employee Benefits Connect 2017.

Alex Tullett (pictured), head of benefit strategy at Capita Employee Benefits, will lead a session titled ‘Applying data analytics to employee benefits’, as part of the data analytics conference stream on Wednesday 1 March 2017.

In his session, Tullett will explore the role of data analytics in designing an effective employee benefits strategy, providing case studies and real-world examples of how these techniques can be used and implemented by employers.

Tullett will also highlight appropriate times and situations when using data and analytics can be helpful, as well as outlining the potential limitations and pitfalls to present a rounded viewpoint of when this approach would be most relevant and effective for an organisation.

Tullet said: “I’m a great one for advocating the use of data in design but [employers] also need to make sure [they] temper that through some of the other tools and techniques that are available.

“It’s about ensuring that [employers] understand when it’s appropriate, when it’s not, and where it is appropriate, what the limitations are.”

Employee Benefits Connect 2017 will take place on Wednesday 1 March 2017 at Park Plaza, London.

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