Top 10 most read stories this week


The top 10 most read stories on between 7 and 13 January 2016:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Carlsberg UK to launch car salary sacrifice scheme.
  2. Five predictions for employee benefits in 2016.
  3. The benefits of lego building, beer smelling and train pushing.
  4. Wolseley UK introduces car salary sacrifice scheme.
  5. US court rules on back pay case for unpaid breaks.
  6. 85% would opt for a pay rise or bonus over workplace perks.
  7. 27% feel appreciated through workplace reward and recognition.
  8. British Airways and Media Zoo to deliver keynote addresses at Employee Benefits Connect.
  9. 54% say working hours negatively affect stress levels.
  10. Stay ahead of the curve with Employee Benefits Connect 2016.