85% would opt for a pay rise or bonus over workplace perks

benefits 430More than two-fifths (85%) of respondents would rather receive a pay rise or bonus instead of workplace perks, according to research by job vacancy website CV Library.

Its survey of 2,439 employees also found that 24% of respondents receive workplace perks from their employer, of which 24% would rather have the money.

The research also found:

  • Of those respondents that receive workplace perks, almost half (49%) rated the perks as ‘ok’.
  • If they had to choose a perk, 41% would choose to have more time off and 17% would opt for money-saving benefits such as a gym membership.
  • Just 2% of respondents would like quirky benefits in their workplace, such as lunchtime yoga classes or massages at their desks.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV Library, said: “When run effectively, workplace perks can go great lengths to creating a happy and productive workforce. However, it’s important that perks aren’t used as a replacement for fair salaries and bonus schemes, especially if [organisations are] bringing staff onboard in January, when many employees experience a funding-drought after the Christmas period.