Dirty offices lower productivity


Something for the weekend…

It seems that dirty and disorganised offices are the scourge of productivity in the workplace and kicking motivation in the teeth when compared to clean and well-ordered environments.

While an employee might be able to build a fort to hide away from the dirtiness and boost their own motivation on their own emission, employers that cut corners on cleaning and allow employees to work in messy surroundings will see up to 72% less productivity according to research produced by the organisation Contract Cleaning.

It found that workplace productivity plummets when environments have overflowing bins, dirty toilets and a lack of organisation.

Shockingly, 25% of respondents to a survey of 1,500 workers across 300 offices, took sick leave because the surroundings depressed them.

Employers could use these findings as part of a campaign to put their motivation strategy to the test.

Employee Benefits wonders if any employer has prompted staff to clean up their act by offering motivation or experience vouchers to the worthy winners of the cleanest environment.