Co-Operative Food rewards staff for saving energy


EXCLUSIVE: Co-Operative Food stores has run a campaign to incentivise employees to help improve the organisation’s green credentials and boost staff motivation.

Staff at its 2,800 food stores competed in a challenge, run by reward and incentive provider Red Letter Days for Business, to reduce the organisation’s energy bill through good housekeeping and best practices, such as switching off lights and shutting fridge blinds at night.

To motive and engage staff in the campaign, it offered £50,000 worth of experience day gift vouchers, as a reward for employees in the stores with the most reduced energy consumption.

The initiative had a direct impact on the organisation’s bottom line and helped to improve its green credentials.

The organisation made a 2.4% saving on previous years, which equates to a £900,000 reduction in energy bills.

Some 296 employees, including operations managers, store, training, cleaning and maintenance employees at 16 food stores in Rotherham and Sheffield will share the vouchers for reducing energy consumption more than in any other area.

David Roberts, director of estates service at The Co-Operative Food, said: “We have a track record of innovation and delivering firsts at The Co-operative and here is a fantastic example.

“This competition was a great opportunity to reduce our carbon impact over the year and also bring down our core operating costs by encouraging colleagues at all levels to focus on their potential to reduce energy.”

John Briddon, regional stores director for the north at The Co-Operative, said: “This just goes to show what can be achieved when people work together.

“It is great to see all the work our employees in south Yorkshire put in to help deliver this great saving for the food business. They thoroughly deserve this reward.”