Employee Benefits Awards support mental wellbeing

For the second year, the Employee Benefits Awards will recognise an employer that is excelling in how it manages employee stress and mental wellbeing.

The award for Best stress management strategy will recognise employers that have put measures in place to actively identify stress in the workplace or employees that are suffering from other mental health issues, such as depression, and taken steps to support affected staff.

This could include: offering and actively promoting benefits, such as employee assistance programmes or cognitive behavioural therapy; rehabilitating employees back into the workplace after stress or mental ill-health-related absence; or training line managers to recognise the signs or stress or other mental health issues and supporting affected staff.

BMW was awarded this title in 2013 (pictured), along with the overall Grand Prix award, for the initiatives it used to support employees’ mental wellbeing.

The entry deadline for the Employee Benefits Awards 2014 is 17 January.

See more information and view the entry forms.