34% of employees received a pay rise in 2013

Only a third (34%) of respondents nationally received a pay rise in 2013, according to research by recruitment website Reed.

The Reed 2014 Salary and market insight report, which surveyed 2,500 employers and employees, found that only 24% of employee respondents received a bonus in 2013.

The research also found that nearly two-fifths (37%) of employee respondents did not receive any new incentives in 2013.

More than half (54%) of employer respondents incentivise employees using training and development programmes.

Tom Lovell, group managing director at Reed, said: “Despite a need to attract and retain talent within their organisation, many employers are not investing in their workforce through pay or benefits, such as training, and this will impact on the overall satisfaction for their workforce.

“Organisations need to invest in both their employee brand reputation and talent management to attract people with the right skills to their organisation and hold on to employees with the right talent.”