What are the legal requirements for auto-enrolment communications?

An employer must automatically enrol any eligible jobholder who is not already a member of a qualifying pension scheme with the organisation, either from the automatic-enrolment date or from the end of the postponement period.

Communication must include:

  • A statement that the employee has been, or will be, automatically enrolled into a pension scheme.
  • The enrolment date.
  • Details of the pension scheme provider.
  • The value of both employer and employee contributions.
  • If it is a defined contribution pension scheme, the employer must advise staff of the phased increases as a part of the introduction of the reform.
  • A statement that employee contributions will be deducted from pay.
  • Confirmation as to whether tax relief will be given
  • A statement that the employee has the right to opt out within 30 days of auto-enrolment, but will be auto-enrolled again within three years.

It is important to note that to comply, all employers must complete registration with The Pensions Regulator, giving details about their auto-enrolment process.

Source: The Pensions Regulator