39% of HR professionals value own perks

EXCLUSIVE: Just one in five (20%) HR and benefits professionals are highly satisfied with their own employee benefits package , according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Employee Benefits Salary survey 2014, which questioned 361 people who are responsible for managing benefits and reward in UK organisations, found that 50% are only somewhat satisfied, while 15% are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 13% are somewhat dissatisfied and 3% are highly dissatisfied.

However, more than one-third (39%) said they value their employee benefits package.

Just over one in five (21%) suggested more benefits need to be provided, while slightly more (22%) would prefer benefits to be more flexible so they can be tailored to their needs.

It is therefore a good thing that respondents are the employees responsible for changes to their organisation’s benefits and reward package.

Graph showing HR professional's satisfaction with their benefits package