Meridian uses electronic communications

A successful communication strategy for the implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) in 2011 persuaded recruitment specialist Meridian Business Support to use an electronic format for its auto-enrolment strategy.

Sarah Iglesias, talent operations adviser for Meridian, says: “We learned a lot from AWR, listening to feedback from clients, candidates and employees, and developing a new strategy. For auto-enrolment, we decided on a similar electronic approach, integrated with our current electronic administrative systems.

Legal requirements are often clouded in our sector, with minimum earnings from workers in sporadic or short-term employment diffi cult to calculate, and requiring an innovative software system to cope with the demands of auto-enrolment.”

Iglesias says she has simplified the key messages of the organisation’s auto-enrolment strategy to make the pension changes easy to understand for its 300 employees.

Meridian incurred significant costs for the initial research and consultation period required for its communications strategy, which launched last July. Iglesias expects costs to exceed £10,000 in the strategy’s first year.

She adds: “We expect people to be curious and want to know more about pensions, so we have planned for a drip campaign, spread over time, allowing staff to become engaged and able toprocess and absorb what is a quite lot of complex information in bite-sized chunks. By our staging date in May 2013, this will be fully understood.”