Survey: Does HR care about default funds?

New survey to find out if UK plc cares about the pension default funds it offers employees

The next big scandal could be the lack of knowledge and interest that benefits and human resources teams have in the pension investment choices offered to staff.

Increasingly, employees are expected to choose their own funds when they join a workplace pension. Most opt for the ‘default fund’ and the assumption their employer has researched the best investment funds.

But is this always the case?

Help us to find out – fill in the online survey.

Do HR and benefits managers (on behalf of their employer) regularly review and revise the default investment choices in their defined contribution schemes (such as group personal pension or stakeholder pension schemes)?

Please help us to draw up a clear picture of what is really happening – fill in the online survey.

Your identity will kept confidential so no one will know if you are falling short of best practice, nor if you are the best in the business.