For the love of benefits

Something for the weekend…

Taking the time to show employees they are appreciated can do a lot for staff motivation, even if it is just a small gesture or a thank you.

Valentine’s Day is the time of year when saying how you feel through gestures is at its most popular, so employers could take advantage by spreading a little love in the office and showing their appreciation for employees.

Mary C Kelly, a business leadership speaker and author, has put together a list of suggestions for Valentine’s Day office activities, including:

  • Installing a white board in a staff area and encouraging employees to write short notes to thank each other on the board.
  • Posting a thank-you note on employees’ doors, computer screens or cubicles.
  • Saying thank you for a specific action in a handwritten card.
  • Having a fun workday theme and contest, such as a colourful sock day where no one wears shoes at work.

These all sound like nice ways to bring some love into the workplace, although seeing the boss in his Homer Simpson socks might not make for the most professional atmosphere after Valentine’s Day.