Pensions and life cover some of modern Britain’s greatest conundrums

Pensions and life cover are among the 50 greatest conundrums of modern Britain, alongside Stephen Hawking’s theories and Jedward.

The 2,000 respondents to research conducted by Puzzler World 2012 were baffled by the difference between life insurance and life assurance, which was the eighth conundrum on the list above the theory of relativity.

Pensions were placed lower down on the list but were considered more of a mystery than people who crack their knuckles and train fares.

Speaking to The Telegraph, a spokesperson for the publication Puzzler World 2012, said: “Life is full of mysteries and everyday items and situations that we find difficult to comprehend.

“Whether it is the offside rule, credit card interest rates, politics or crop circles, these are things which baffle us and take us time to understand. Interestingly, two-thirds of us hate getting confused, but only half of us will sometimes ask for help when we can’t figure something out.”

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