Morgan Sindall Group to introduce new pension scheme for auto-enrolment

The Morgan Sindall Group is to introduce a new pension scheme in order to comply with the forthcoming pension reforms.

The scheme, which is provided by B&CE, is designed to cater for the UK construction and regeneration group’s 2,200 operatives, who are paid on a weekly basis, once auto-enrolment commences for the organisation. The pension operates as a super trust, and is flexible and portable.

Shirley Haines, HR operations manager, says: “Working with B&CE has been a really great experience, because it has explained pensions and auto-enrolment in terms that we and our employees are able to understand. The topic of pensions can be very daunting for some.

“No one should underestimate the impact of auto-enrolment will have on their business. I do not really think employers at this moment in time have realised just how big this is going to be.”

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