Majority of respondents offer flexible benefits

The majority (79%) of respondents to research by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) offer flexible benefits to staff.

The research, Flexible employee benefits survey, also found that 85% of employee respondents rate employee benefits as either important or very important.

Of the benefits offered by the employer sample, the most popular is pension contributions at 77%, followed closely by childcare vouchers at 73%. The next most popular benefits are healthcare (50%) and payroll-giving schemes (49%).

Diana Bruce, senior policy liaison officer at the CIPP, said: “With many employees experiencing pay freezes and even pay cuts it is more important than ever that individuals feel they are getting the maximum value from any benefits provided in the workplace.

“The employer’s task is not a simple one because they too are looking for the best value from their spending so the requirement to source the most cost-effective benefits, while ensuring the provision of optimum reward for staff is vital.

“The survey results show that employees feel that benefits are an important part of the remuneration package, so effective communication of what is on offer is key to ensure staff feel valued during these stringent times.”

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