HarperCollins checks reward for critical roles

EXCLUSIVE: HarperCollins is upgrading its performance management system to identify staff who have critical roles in the business and ensure they are rewarded appropriately.

After the publisher’s human resources team has identified with senior management what the critical roles are, the data will be fed into its online system, which is already used to record all information and conversations relating to an employee’s performance and development review.

The upgrade, to be completed this month, is being done in conjunction with HR software firm Vaado.

Diane Gill, head of HR projects at HarperCollins, said: “People in the business are identified as talent according to different ratings and different descriptors. Some of them could be new to the business but other rising stars are well established and are high-potential people. Other people are critical because of the roles they do.

“If someone’s salary does need looking at, for example, we have got a way of identifying easily when the last benchmark was done. If the data is in there, then we can report off the back of it.

“It will enable us to think: do we need to do anything here? It is not just the action plan around their development, it is looking at other factors associated with developing and retaining our critical talent, and reward is one of them.”

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