Case study: London Overground on track with Olympic benefits

London Overground Railway Operations, run on behalf of Transport for London, will be heavily affected by the Olympic and Paralympic Games because it runs trains into Stratford.

Darren Hockaday, HR director at London Overground, says: “We know there could be 800,000 extra people in London during the Olympics, and 80% of them are going to be using rail.”

The firm has negotiated a deal with trade unions to offer its 1,000 front-line staff pay at time and a quarter during the games. “In effect, we are incentivising employees not to take leave,” says Hockaday. “However, if they have tickets, we will let them go to watch the games.”

An additional 200 office-based staff, including managers and those from HR, IT, and finance departments, will have the opportunity to volunteer at stations. These staff will receive a one-off lump sum payment of £250 if they volunteer during the Olympics and the same if they do so during the Paralympics.

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