International reward: Sponsor’s comment: Employees need proper cover

Private medical insurance is a vital requirement for staff working abroad, says Teresa Rogers, international sales and marketing manager, Aviva UK Health.

In the UK, we are in the enviable position of being able to access the ‘free at the point of delivery’ health services available from the National Health Service (NHS). And according to the Aviva’s Semi-gration study published in April 2010, almost a quarter of people (23%) say the NHS is one of the things they would miss most if they moved abroad, while almost two-thirds (64%) believe the UK’s state health benefits are superior to those of other countries.

However, healthcare provision varies greatly between countries around the world and even routine medical care can prove costly in countries that do not offer a similar service to the NHS. Where private medical insurance (PMI) is a product people choose to purchase as an alternative to the NHS or as an employee perk, in many countries international health insurance is mandatory for those requiring a work visa.

With such a variety of healthcare provision, tax rules and legislation across the world, understanding your employees’ healthcare needs requires specialist knowledge.†The good news is that employers do not need to know everything. It is Avia’s job as an insurance provider to ensure the products and services we offer help to meet employers’ needs. We will also answer any questions employers have and, working with an insurance intermediary if they have one, help them tailor the most appropriate cover for their employees.†

Wherever they are in the world, employees want the reassurance that they can access quality medical treatment whenever and wherever they need it. International PMI helps give employees the peace of mind that they have the medical support they need, when they need it most.

Medical insurance providers can also arrange ambulances, find appropriate treatment facilities, deal directly with suppliers in their local language, and settle invoices directly. Basically, Avia takes care of everything while keeping employees, their relatives and their employer informed throughout.

Being re-located thousands of miles away from home can be a very daunting process that can leave employees feeling anxious and isolated. Many assignments fail for just this reason, and ensuring that your employees have the best benefit structure and support in place can help improve the chances of a successful relocation.

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