Aston University introduces salary sacrifice on company cars

Aston University has introduced a company car salary sacrifice arrangement to its flexible benefits plan.†

Through the scheme, which is provided by Tusker, employees can surrender up to 20% of their salary in return for a new car of which they will take ownership for three years.

Aston University has also set a carbon cap on the new arrangement, so employees can only select cars from a range of 600 models with emissions of 120g/km or less. Around 10% of staff registered for the scheme when it was launched at a specially convened employee benefits exhibition.

The scheme has been endorsed by vice-chancellor professor Julia King, author of the King Review on green vehicle and fuel technologies, because of its environmental credentials in promoting green, low-emitting vehicles.

Cliff Vidgeon, director of HR at Aston University, said: “The new scheme is one of a number of initiatives we have embarked on to encourage the uptake of green practices within the university.

“There was a very positive reaction among university staff at the benefits exhibition to the new car scheme, including our vice-chancellor Julia King, who thought it a very suitable scheme for promoting the take up of greener cars.”

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