Employers failing to provide benefits to support mental health

British employers are failing workers with mental health conditions, according to a poll of business leaders by the Shaw Trust.

Its research found 80% of employers have no mental health policy. As a result, the charity is urging employers to support staff with schemes such as flexible hours and stress-busting training.

Sally Burton, chief executive of Shaw Trust, said: “Our poll reveals British business is continuing to fail employees with mental health conditions.

“Levels of prejudice and misunderstanding are alarmingly high, yet emotional and practical support remains low or often non-existent.

“Working for a supportive employer can make all the difference. But it is not just about social justice; it also makes real business sense.”

Sue Baker, director of Time to Change, which funded the poll, added: “Stigma and discrimination in the workplace stop many employees disclosing their mental health problems, which can mean they do not get the support they need and can leave them unprotected by legislation.

“Many organisations are beginning to address the mental wellbeing of their workforce.”

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