Orangutan photographer responds well to instant reward

A burgeoning photographer whose work has attracted a mass following on the internet has one simple motivation–the fruit treat she is awarded for every snap she takes.

The non-materialistic artist called Nonja is not financially motivated and all profits from her work sold on Ebay will go towards protecting the wild habitat of orangutans in Borneo.

Nonja’s story would further build the case for instant rewards and the shake up the debate over the importance of non-cash and cash perks if she was not an orangutan.

Apparently, Nonja turned to photography after a spell as a painter when her distinctively abstract masterpieces reached up to £2,000 at auction. Nonja’s photographs which could be described as art-house can be viewed on her Facebook site, already viewed by tens of thousands of fans.

In addition, the Schoenbrunn zoo in Austria has confirmed an exhibition of the best 20 snaps taken by their spatially-aware resident are being exhibited.