Conquering your New Year’s resolutions

This article has been supplied by our channel sponsor, Health Shield.

January has long been regarded as a month for making new commitments, breaking bad habits and changing your lifestyle – a fresh start in a new year. But the success rate of New Year’s resolutions is notoriously low. Recent research shows that while 52 per cent of people are confident of success with their goals, only 12 per cent actually achieve them.

Smoking, weight loss and getting fit, are three of the most common resolutions set by people in the early part of the year. With the dawn of a new decade, the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and become happier and healthier has never been greater. But, while self discipline is a must, there are a significant number of complementary therapies, treatments and health clubs on hand to help soothe you through the process.

Health Shield’s health cash plans feature comprehensive benefits that enable employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and conquer short-term goals, with 100 per cent refunds towards a comprehensive range of treatments. Health and well-being benefits cover everything from hypnotherapy, reiki and naturopathy to benefits such as acupuncture and homoeopathy.

The new year is regarded as a clean sheet, ripe for opportunity and reward. With the help and support of comprehensive healthcare benefits, the task of staying motivated, keeping productivity high, and sustaining all your hard work through the rest of the year is made much easier.

Investing in simple measures, such as health and well-being schemes, help employees feel appreciated and recognised at work. Even when things aren’t going well, if people have support mechanisms in place then it will naturally encourage them to drive change and not become a passenger in the business.

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