Canada Life launches early intervention service

Canada Life Group Insurance (CGLI) has launched a new product aimed at helping employees return to work as early as possible following sickness absence.

The early intervention service addresses the need to reduce long-term absenteeism and help employees back to work by intervening at the earliest stage of absence, normally assisting insured employees after four weeks continuous absence. When dealing with specific and/or mental health-related disorders the intervention can be provided after two weeks absence.

The service also provides the employer with specialist medical input from CLGI’s own UK-wide rehabilitation consultancy team, all of whom are qualified nurses, many with occupational health experience. The ultimate goal for the rehabilitation consultants, working in partnership with the employer’s HR and occupational health resource, is to agree a bespoke, customised action plan for rehabilitation.

Ian McMullan, managing director of CGLI, said: “Returning absent employees back to work is about providing added value to a traditional product and most importantly about helping support employers and people who find themselves in new, unplanned circumstances.”