University Hospitals of Leicester offer staff in-house emergency childcare

Employees at the University Hospitals of Leicester have access to three on-site day nurseries that can help with emergency childcare. As the nurseries operate on around 80% capacity, there is always the chance that a place can be offered on an emergency basis and staff are able to see if a place is available at short notice.

Janet Guilford, in-house childcare co-ordinator, says that this is part of the organisation’s service to its employees and its patients. "If a member of staff has to be off to look after their child, that can put pressure on the ward and operating theatres, which has an impact on patient care. [Staff] are positive about it because they know their child is being cared for [so] they can go and do their job as usual and not take time off," she explains.

The organisation does not cover or contribute to the cost of any emergency childcare. If the nurseries do not have any space, there is also an NHS childminding co-ordinator for Leicester that employees can contact.