Buckinghamshire County Council employee values its flexible working policies

Claire Street, a democratic services officer, has worked at Buckinghamshire County Council for around five years and is responsible for writing up committee minutes and advising on issues such as cabinet member decisions. She particularly values being able to work from home and working flexibly outside the core office hours of 10am and 4pm. "We are able to work from home up to one day a week. I live outside of the area and that means that I am not having to travel in every day. [It also] saves me money."

Street adds that she really appreciates the council’s whole ethos around its flexible working policy. "The authority as a whole is really pushing flexible working, which makes you feel that you can actually use it. In some places, they might say that it is available, but it is not really supported. We are definitely supported here and we are given the IT to be able to work flexibly as well."