Zenith makes own fleet carbon neutral

Zenith is working to make its own company car fleet carbon neutral and is also†introducing a voluntary scheme for staff to offset their personal mileage.

The car leasing firm is currently assessing its carbon footprint, by taking its fleet of 45 cars and aspects like office use of heating and electricity into account. Once this has been established, the company will select a carbon-offsetting scheme to which it will make a donation.

Andrew Cope, managing director, said: “You have got to measure what your existing footprint is so we have got specialists coming in to say what is your heating and lighting, what cars have you got and all of that sort of thing.”

He added that he saw it as the company’s duty to introduce a carbon-offsetting scheme, both for its own environmental policies and those of its customers.

“Our most important role is to advise other companies to have a more environmentally-friendly fleet, from the kind of cars they choose [to] how the drivers drive. Obviously, it is harder to do that if we have not done it with our own fleet,” he explained.

Although the scheme will cover the mileage of its company car drivers, a salary sacrifice charity donation scheme will also be introduced, which will allow employees to offset their personal mileage if they wish.