BA staff postpone strike

British Airway cabin crew have postponed their first planned day of strike action over pay, sickness absence and staffing issues.

After five hours of talks last night between senior shop stewards from the Transport and General Workers’ Union’s (T&G) cabin crew branch and Walsh Walsh, BA’s chief executive, the T&G has said that its postponement of the strike of BA cabin crew by 24 hours, pending further negotiations, is a goodwill gesture. However, Walsh said that the fact the T&G has amended its original strike plan showed that sufficient progress had been made in negotiations to remove the entire threat of strike. "We have made progress in our negotiations and we do not need the shadow of strike hanging over us as we seek to make further progress."

Although the strike action over pay, sickness absence and staffing,planned for 29 January has been called off, the T&G still plans to go ahead with strikes on 30 and 31 January. T&G general secretary Tony Woodley, said: "After the personal intervention of Willie Walsh with our senior representatives and, as a goodwill gesture, we have agreed to a 24-hour postponement of the start of the industrial action. This extends the time available to secure a settlement to the outstanding problems, and I hope that the company will now join us in making every effort to do so."