Law firm pilots holiday tool

Scottish law firm Dundas & Wilson has piloted an online holiday reporting tool to ensure that it gets the best deal out of its flexible benefits package.

The firm launched a trial of the system, which simplifies the process of booking holidays and other absences, for lawyers and secretaries in its property department.

Karen Melville, compensation and benefits consultant at Dundas & Wilson, said that the system, which is being administered by flex provider Vebnet, has been introduced as a time saving device for employees who no longer have to dig around for spreadsheets.

"It’s good we’re using the system more because we’ve paid for it, so we want to use it to its full potential," she added.

The trial, which runs between November and January, will also reduce the headache of offering pro-rata holiday time to part-time employees, which Melville admits can become confusing. The law firm expects to offer the scheme to some 470 staff, post-pilot.