Europe is top region to launch flexible benefits

Europe, outside the UK, is the top region in which employers are considering offering flexible benefits to their staff, according to the Employee Benefits/Towers Watson Flexible benefits research 2014.

The survey, conducted in January 2014, found that 29% of the 41 respondents that offer flexible benefits plans to staff based outside the UK have plans to expand their flex offering across Europe.

Currently, 30% of respondents that already offer a flexible benefits scheme outside the UK do so in Europe. If these implementations go ahead, there will be a doubling in the number of flex schemes in Europe among this respondent group.

However, North America remains the most popular region in which global employers offer flexible benefits for staff, just as it was in the 2010 Employee Benefits/Towers Watson Flexible benefits research.

The 2014 research showed that more than a third (35%) of the 60 respondents offer flex in the US and Canada, compared with 60% of the 15 respondents in the 2010 research.

Some 24% of employers are considering offering flex in the Asia Pacific region, compared with 18% that already do so.


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