VIDEO: David Hosking: Car salary sacrifice success depends on communication


David Hosking -Tusker

A clear and concise communication strategy is vital to boost the success of a salary sacrifice car scheme, according to David Hosking, chief executive of Tusker, in an interview with Clare Bettelley, associate editor at Employee Benefits

At the Employee Benefits Fleet debate in August, Hosking said: ”[Employers] have to deliver the scheme in a very, very simplistic way, from the point of [employees] logging on to the [online] system down to [them] ordering the car, and then the ongoing management of the car.”

Hosking added that communications should leverage off of all an employer’s existing communication channels, including things like payslip drops and intranet sites.  

He does not believe that the govenrment will make any legislative changes to company car schemes in the near future. “I think that would be highly unlikely when you consider that we’ve sold 1.2 million new cars in this country in the first six months of this year alone, and that more than 50% of those are company cars.

“I think the risks for any government looking to make sweeping legislative changes to the company car regime would be quite dangerous.”

Hosking was one of eight guests to attend Employee Benefits’ Fleet debate, which gathered the fleet industry’s leading specialists to debate current market trends and topical issues such as salary sacrifice car schemes and fuel cards.