VIDEO: Andrew Kirby: Car schemes can help employers reduce costs

Andrew Kirby, Zenith

Company car schemes are a useful tool with which employers can add value to their benefits package, as well as reduce their costs, according to Andrew Kirby, commercial director, employee benefits, at Zenith in an interview with Clare Bettelley, associate editor at Employee Benefits.  

At the Employee Benefits Fleet debate in August, Kirby said: “It’s an excellent cost-neutral way [for employers] to add a benefit. It shouldn’t cost an employer anything. Indeed, they’ve potentially got the opportunity to save some costs through running salary sacrifice cars [by way of tax and national insurance breaks].”

Kirby added that ease of take-up for employees is also a major attraction of company car schemes, along with the ability for them to select a car from a wide variety of cars and have maintenance, tax, servicing and insurance taken care of by the scheme provider.

”It’s a completely fully-funded car, [employees] just add the fuel to the vehicle,” he said. 

”It’s a completely hassle-free way to run a [car]. There’s no issues in terms of unexpected costs.”

Kirby added that the benefit can also help to retain, engage and motivate staff.

Kirby was one of eight guests to attend Employee Benefits’  Fleet debate, which gathered the fleet industry’s leading specialists to debate current market trends and topical issues such as salary sacrifice car schemes and fuel cards.