Financial wellbeing case study round-up

case study round up fin sup

A round-up of employer case studies around financial wellbeing:

  • Police Mutual, a financial services provider for police and military employees, has given its 500 staff access to competitive loans, with monthly deductions coming straight from their pay packets.
  • London City Airport introduced a financial wellbeing app to help its 500 employees manage their money and save directly from their pay; it achieved a 15% take-up rate in the first month of the scheme’s launch.
  • Coventry University has rejuvenated its financial education programme to increase employees’ financial understanding and raise awareness of the organisation’s total reward package.
  • The University of Lincoln offers four different types of tailored financial wellbeing workshops twice a year for staff. Due to its popularity, the programme has also been extended to its student population.
  • The Kingfisher Group engages its 36,000 employees with retirement saving through a unique gaming app called Bolt to the finish, which is part of an integrated five-year campaign to raise awareness around pensions and savings.