Chessington World of Adventures recruits for toddlers to join staff

Something for the weekend: Although the government’s recent Fuller working lives report is encouraging organisations to hire more older employees over the age of 50, Chessington World of Adventures is hunting at the other end of the age spectrum.

The theme park is searching for a VIP, or very important pre-schooler, who is aged between one and five years old. The job role will see the lucky successful candidate test how toddler-proof the resort is ahead of the launch of its new Gruffalo River Ride Adventure in March.

The advert, posted on the resort’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, highlights the key qualities Chessington World of Adventures Resort is looking for in its next hire, with traits such as being ‘a complete chatterbox’, ‘curious and into everything’, ‘temperamental’, ‘a total hypochondriac’, ‘flexible when it comes to napping’ and ‘passionate about small spaces’ deemed as essential.

Other requirements include being ‘no taller than 125 toy building blocks’, ‘able to take a shine to random objects’, ‘unable to filter comments’ and having ‘plenty of time and grime on their hands’.

Here at Employee Benefits, we can see the appeal in road-testing a theme park as the day job, even if applicants may need the help of nearby adult to fill out any paperwork. It certainly sounds like a roller-coaster of a career!