Learn how to boost staff productivity through financial wellness at Employee Benefits Connect


Delegates that attend Employee Benefits Connect 2016 can gain insight into how financial wellness can help drive employee productivity.

In a roundtable session entitled ‘Boosting British productivity in 2016: tackling financial wellness’, Monica Kalia, co-founder and chief of strategy and business development at Neyber, will discuss the role of financial wellbeing in improving staff engagement, productivity and motivation.

The interactive roundtable discussion will also cover how today’s working lives impact workplace productivity in Britain, what financial mindfulness means, and how changing societal influences affect workforces.

Kalia (pictured) will also examine the key findings of Neyber’s Working well report, January 2016, which was conducted in collaboration with the Social Market Foundation. The report found that 70% of all respondents and 80% of millennial respondents were affected by financial worries in the past year. It also found that financial issues cause 24% of respondents to feel exhausted, and 16% struggle to concentrate at work because of financial concerns.

Kalia said: “The UK has had quite a poor track record with productivity in the past, driven by a skills shortage that employers are powerless to control.

“Financial wellbeing is not a new thing but it has been somewhat overlooked despite the fact that it affects reward and benefits across the board.

“At the roundtable session, I am going to share data from the Working well report and [encourage] employers to open up about their experiences with the issues their employees are facing to make the session interactive.

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“I will also discuss whether employees’ financial wellbeing is actually employers’ responsibility. The fact is, employers want their employees to have their mind on their job.”

Employee Benefits Connect 2016 will take place on 9 March at the Lancaster London. For more information and to register to attend, visit: www.employeebenefitsconnect.co.uk.