Google’s best-paid jobs

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Jobs at Google are often highly sought after, making it one of the employers that we all dream about working for.

Google provides its workers with a lot of perks: sleeping pods, slides in the office, free rental cars to free gyms on-site and free food. It is no wonder why the organisation won recruiter Glassdoor’s best employer award in 2014.

But have you ever wondered what Googlers get paid to do their job?

A new list compiled by Business Insider, using Glassdoor information on Google salaries, has highlighted the top 20 highest-paying jobs at the technology giant and what employees do to keep their six-figure salaries.

The best-paying position was determined to be a finance director, who earns $339,000 (£219,588) a year.

Engineers are featured throughout as are designers, communications executives and operation managers.

The top 20 highest-paying jobs at Google:

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1. Finance director ($339,000).
2. Engineering director ($272,370).
3. Business operations principal ($253, 287).
4. Group product manager ($247,996).
5. Senior staff engineer ($207,555).
6. Lead software engineer ($206,272).
7. Staff software engineer ($196, 372).
8. Site reliability engineer ($195, 419).
9. Senior online sales and operations manager ($192, 915).
10. Staff user experience designer ($191,881).
11. Engineering manager ($191,552).
12. Communications manager ($191,483).
13. Corporate counsel ($189, 262)
14. Technical programme manager ($188,106).
15. Engineering manager ($174, 957).
16. Senior research scientist ($169, 364).
17. Senior product marketing manager ($168,959).
18. Senior release engineer ($168,896).
19. Partner development manager ($167, 496).
20. Senior quantitative analyst ($166,411).

Based on those figures, we’re off to retrain.