Focus on dental health at Employee Benefits Connect

Denplan will put the spotlight on oral health during a roundtable discussion at Employee Benefits Connect on 27 February.


The roundtable session will aim to make delegates more aware of how dental care can add value to an organisation’s benefits plans, and can help to reduce workplace absence.

Roger Matthews (pictured), chief dental officer at Denplan, will host the roundtable, titled How can improving oral health have a positive impact on employee wellbeing?

He said: “Dental benefits are something employees can actually use and get value from.

”It is something they will want to use, compared to private medical insurance, which they hope they won’t use.

“Employers have shown an increased willingness to include dental care in their plans. There is a self interest, because it tends to reduce absenteeism.”

The roundtable will also cover:

  • The links between oral health and general wellbeing.
  • How dental benefits can provide return on investment.
  • How much dental care is valued by staff and decision makers.

Matthews added: “[Dental benefits are] easy to administer, and there are distinct benefits to employees and their employers.

“Oral health is linked to wider health issues, such as diabetes. The roundtable will provide information on how employees can access local dentists through our links.”

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Employee Benefits Connect will be held at the Westminster Park Plaza in London on 27 February.

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