Asda staff to share £27.8m bonus

Employees at Asda stores and depots are to share an annual bonus payout of £27.8 million.


Nearly 143,000 employees with more than six months of service at the supermarket chain will receive a bonus of up to £320 on 28 February.

More than 14,000 employees from Asda’s best performing stores will enjoy a ‘super bonus’ of up to £500, after exceeding their performance target for the year.

This is the thirteenth consecutive year of bonus payouts for Asda employees since the bonus scheme was launched in 2001 to reward staff for their hard work.

Hayley Tatum, executive people director at Asda, said: “With the bonus being directly linked to store performance, it is a true measure of the resilience of our employees during challenging economic times that they continue to help us build a better, stronger business.”