Best Buy employees get married at work

Best Buy
Image credit: Best Buy

Something for the weekend: Consumer electronics organisation Best Buy certainly knows how to foster an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, as the organisation gave permission for two of its US-based employees to tie the knot at the Best Buy store where they both work.

Cashier Taylor Spurlock, 26, and warehouse employee Caleb Mace, 25, asked their respective managers at the Muncie-based Best Buy branch in Indiana whether they would be able to get married at their place of work.

With both managers agreeing, the store’s warehouse was swiftly transformed into a wedding venue following the couple’s seven-day engagement, with colleagues crafting a backdrop of pallets and hanging sheets in order to cover the stocked shelves of inventory. Employees strung up lights, laid out chairs and used blue LED lights to outline the aisle, while a flat-screen TV played a slideshow of pictures of the young couple.

Just over 20 people attended the wedding ceremony, held in January, including family as well as Best Buy employees. Some staff members even timed their breaks to be able to attend the special event.

Spurlock said: “It is special. It is where we met, we like it here.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we are not completely sure we can see nuptials occurring between the rows of desks in the office, however we love the idea of an employer playing such an important part in an employee’s big day. Who knows, maybe we can hire out one of the meeting rooms…