Learn how a healthy workforce impacts business at Employee Benefits Connect 2018

Greg Levine

EXCLUSIVE: Delegates at Employee Benefits Connects 2018 will be able to learn how to quantify the business case for an employee health and wellbeing strategy, as well as gain insight into how a healthy workforce can impact organisational goals and success.

Greg Levine (pictured), director, sales and distribution at Vitality Health and Life, will lead a session titled ‘Reaping the rewards of better health’ as part of the wellbeing conference stream on Wednesday 28 February 2018.

The session will display quantitative data collected from Vitality’s annual Britain healthiest workplace research to demonstrate the cost and productivity impacts an unhealthy workforce can have on an organisation and its business goals.

Levine will use research figures from the aforementioned report to help discuss how day-to-day health-related topics, such as a lack of sleep, financial wellbeing issues, a lack of activity and poor nutrition, can impact on the health of employees and, therefore, have a knock-on effect on the organisation and its success. Levine will also explain why it is important that employers tackle employee health and wellbeing, and what they can potentially do to mitigate these impacts.

The session will highlight how an integrated health and wellbeing strategy can help employers get the most from their staff, as well as aid talent retention.

Levine will also discuss some of the predicted future trends around healthcare and wellbeing benefits. This includes the role of technology as well as a focus on prevention.

Levine said: “What I’m going to be talking about is quantifying the correlation between a healthy workforce from a broad base wellbeing perspective and the impact that can have in terms of real savings with regards to [private medical insurance] costs, but more so around productivity and the overall benefits it has for a business.

“It’s important to highlight the benefits of integrated programmes and the knock-on effect that has on business […] and ensuring that wellness is a key element of [an employer’s] overall strategy.

“We’ve got the data now, we have the ability to prove that it does have a big impact but it’s now over to the HR champions to go back to their businesses and with a very confident voice, go to the boards and say ‘it does make a difference, it does change the way the business will perform and now we need to do something about it’.”

Employee Benefits Connect 2018 will take place on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at Park Plaza, Westminster, London.

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