Greene King hosts wellbeing week for staff

Greene King

Pub retailer and brewing firm Greene King is holding a wellbeing week for employees to encourage healthy habits in its head office and depots in Bury St Edmonds and support centre in Burton.

The event, which is taking place this week and was held for the first time last year, is designed to promote health awareness among employees and encourage the adoption of healthy habits both in the workplace and at home. During the week, Greene King will run hour-long workshops, encourage staff to take part in healthy promotion activities, watch webinars, receive advice from a variety of wellness experts and provide fresh fruit.

The webinars, which are particularly targeted at the organisation’s mobile employees, include topics such as workplace ergonomics for in the office and on the road, mental health awareness and wellbeing for managers, and a session on the support services that are available through the workplace. The workshops, on the other hand, will promote mental wellbeing, good sleep, mindfulness and resilience and how to make smarter nutritional choices.

The week also includes 20-minute mini health checks with an occupational health professional, giving employees details on their blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, body mass index and waist circumference measurements.

Greene King has also created a competitive element to the week by hosting an office-wide pedometer challenge. To motivate employees to get active, it has divided employees into teams with the challenge to clock up the highest amount of steps collectively. The team who walks the furthest will win a prize.

The wellbeing week was mainly communicated to staff using Greene King’s weekly internal e-magazine, called The Buzz. Information about the week was additionally posted on the organisation’s internal portal, direct emails were sent to all employees, posters were put up around the office, and desk drops were also used.

Throughout the week, Wellbeing Week champions will be on hand to answer any questions and support employees to ensure they are taking advantage of the opportunities available.

Andrew Bush, group HR director at Greene King, said: “We want to create an environment where our employees can achieve their full potential and, to do this, we need to be aware of and care for our teams’ wellbeing and mental health. We are a big employer in Bury and Burton so we have a responsibility to care for those who work for us and we believe our people will benefit from the week.

“From mental health awareness workshops to promotion of healthy eating and sleeping, there is an array of events for our teams to tap into. The ‘Know you Numbers’ mini health check is always popular, where our employees can have their blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure and body mass checked.”